Meet the Teacher

Rosewood School is lead by our teacher, Ms. Jamie. Ms. Jamie received her Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training from the four year training program at Micha-el Institute. She also holds a BA in Anthropology and Religious Studies. Jamie regularly pursues ongoing training at various regional workshops on Waldorf education and child development, as well as Lifeways trainings in order to stayed inspired in her work. Before Ms. Jamie came to Waldorf education, she worked in Environmental Restoration, which included teaching environmental education to children of all ages both in the classroom and out in the field. Jamie discovered Waldorf education in 2007 while pregnant with her first child. She quickly fell in love with it and engaged in many years of self-directed study of Waldorf pedagogy followed by formal study at the Micha-el Institute. She began teaching in the nursery school program at Hummingbird School and later teaching in the preschool class at Portland Waldorf School, before opening her home program, Rosewood School. When Ms. Jamie isn’t caring for littles, she loves spending time with her family, knitting by the fire, and swimming in lakes.